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LO 55-1905-219-12
NOTES (Cont)
15. OIL LEVEL GAGE. Check oil level daily before starting engine. Add oil as required to bring it to full level mark.
16. OIL FILTER. Drain oil from crankcase (see note 17). Remove filter element, clean housing and install new element.
Fill crankcase with 15 qts (14.19 liters) of oil (OE/HDO). Operate engine for 5 minutes, check for leaks, check crankcase
oil level and bring to full mark.
17. CRANKCASE DRAIN. Do not drain oil into bilges; use oil separation system to collect drained oil.
18. OIL CAN POINTS. Lubricate control linkages, clevises, pins and all exposed adjusting threads with OE/ HDO oil.
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