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TB 55-1900-200-34
1-1. General. This bulletin provides specific configuration standards applicable to the Power Unit Multiple Engine used
in conjunction with Landing Craft Mark VIII (LCM8s) Vessels, NSN 1905-00-267-1057 and NSN 1905-00-935-6057 It
identifies the required components and dimensional characteristics of each unit and prescribes their correct application
1-2. Purposes. a. The configuration data contained herein is intended to provide information and guidance sufficient to
insure that the power units, multiple engine will be rebuilt to the correct configuration for either the MOD-0 or MOD-1
Vessels eliminating the intermixing of stock at General Support or Depot levels of overhaul, and rebuild which could
cause additional labor, expenses and/or modification of the engine compartment to receive the wrong power unit
b This TB will reasonably assure that the power units will be assembled to the correct configuration (engine to hull
application) and will be supportable by the published DATMs that will apply to the specific engine hull application
1-3 Scope. The configuration data contained herein applies to all twin multiple power units (See Tables 1-1 and 1-2)
installed in the TSARCOM Managed Landing Craft Mark VIII Vessels (LCM8s)
1-4. Types of Problems. a. Raw Water Pumps (Flanges not compatible to existing shipboard piping)
b. Throttle control link at governor (different governors REF 1-4g)
c. Transmission oil cooler cover (requires relocation of oil cooler lines)
d. Air inlet housing (interferes with upright stanchions in engine compartment
e Crankshaft pulleys (the MOD-1 requires different mounting)
f Oil Pans (the MOD-0 requires a shallow sump and the MOD-1 requires a deep sump which necessitates
modification of the hull cross member beneath the engine on the MOD-0 Hull)
g. Governors (the MOD-0 has variable speed whereas the MOD-1 has limiting speed)
h. Front crankshaft power take off (mounted on outboard engine of each bank of engines required for hydraulic
ramp pump on the MOD-1 Hulls)
i. Oil Filter engine (the MOD-0 has the filters located on the port, and starboard sides of the power units Whereas
the MOD-1 filter is located at the front of the engine, causing problem with hand rail on MOD-0 Hulls)
j. Oil Filter Transmission (the MOD-0 does not have this item whereas the MOD-1 has this item)
k. Starter Electric 24VDC (the MOD-0 requires one for each engine, whereas the MOD-1 requires one on each
outboard engine)
I. Starter Hydraulic (the MOD-1 requires one on each inboard engine)
m Pump Hydraulic Starter Engine Driven on MOD-1 (one each power unit required for the Starter Hydraulic gear
train driven)
n. Pump Steering (one required on each power unit for Hydraulic Steering on the MOD-1 gear train driven)
o. Front crankshaft cover engine support (the MOD-0 has one each engine, whereas the MOD-1 has one each
inboard engine and one crankshaft adapter housing on each outboard engine required for PTO mounting)
p. Fresh water line from Keel cooling grid to engine (the MOD-0 is 16 11/16 inches above centerline of crankshaft
Whereas the MOD-1 is 18 13/32)


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