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TB 55-1900-207-24
g. Chromate replenishment required as a result of testing coolant will be as stipulated in Section II, paragraph 2-
h. Replenish coolant with 3 3/4 ounces antifreeze extender additive (Military Specification MILA-53009) for each
gallon of water added hereafter.
2-6. Winter Treatment.
a. Prior to adding antifreeze solution, clean the cooling system as outlined in Section II.
b. Fill system to 1/3 capacity with clean, fresh water.
c. Add amount of antifreeze for protection desired (see para. 2-7).
d. Fill cooling system to capacity with clean, fresh water but leave room for expansion of coolant.
e. Run engine at fast idle for at least 10 minutes to mix solution.
f. Replenish any lost coolant with antifreeze of the concentration required for the freeze protection needed (see
2-7. Limits of Protection.
a. Antifreeze conforming to Military Specification MIL-A-46153 will afford the following limits of protection in the
concentrations listed below:
Table 2-1.
Pints of Antifreeze
Degrees Fahrenheit
Per Gallon of Solution
b. Where temperatures are expected to drop below -55 , antifreeze compound conforming to Military Specification
MILIA-11755 (Antifreeze, Arctic Type) will be used. This solution will protect an engine to -90 without dilution
2-8. Reuse of Antifreeze. New military antifreeze MIL-A-46153 will be limited to 4 years use provided the antifreeze
tests safe for use using the testing and inspection procedures in Section II. Used military antifreeze MILA-46153 which
tests unsafe for use when using the Test Kit, Test Strips and Color Chart, Antifreeze Point and Corrosion, A-A-51461
(see Section II) may be reinhibited on a one-time basis with antifreeze extender additive MILA-53009. Reinhibited used
antifreeze will be limited to an additional 2 years use, provided the antifreeze tests safe for use using the testing and
inspection procedures in Section II. When reinhibiting used antifreeze, allow the drained antifreeze to stand until all
particles have settled out. Carefully decant the anti- freeze and mix in MIL-A-53009 extender additive at the rate of 3 3/4
ounces per gallon of used antifreeze. Cooling systems filled with inhibited used antifreeze will be tagged with the date of
reinhibition to preclude using the solution for more than the maximum allowable 2 years.


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