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TB 55-1900-207-24
2-11. Engine Cooling System Cleaning.
a. Engine cooling system cleaning compound (MIL-C-10597) (see Table 1-1), will not be used as a routine
maintenance procedure each time antifreeze is added or drained from the cooling system. The compound will be used
only when necessary to clean heavily rusted or partially clogged cooling systems, to neutralize residual cleaning acids,
and to coat the interiors with a silicate.
b. Engine cooling system cleaning compound is a kit (see Table 1-1) and consists of a 2-part cleaner, a 2-part
conditioner, a corrosion inhibitor, and an instruction sheet. The components of the kit are listed below:
(1) Cleaner, part 1, Oxalic Acid.
(2) Cleaner, part 2, Aluminum Chloride.
(3) Sodium Silicate Conditioner.
(4) Alkaline Conditioner.
(5) Inhibitor.
(6) Inspection Sheet (furnished with each kit).
c. The instructions must be followed to prevent damage to the engine or cooling system.
2-12. Maintenance Recording.
a. Cooling systems serviced with antifreeze, MILA-46153, or water and antifreeze extender MIL-A-53009 require
the degree of protection, the condition of the cooling system, and the use of antifreeze extender be recorded in the
remarks block of DD Form 314 (Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Record). The antifreeze extender data must be
recorded to ensure that original charges of coolant are extended at least one time and to ensure that already extended
coolant will not be re-extended, but drained and replaced with fresh coolant.
b. When cooling systems are serviced with arctic-type antifreeze (MILA-11755), commercial brand antifreeze, or
when the equipment is still under warranty, the installation date and the degree of protection will be recorded in the
"remarks" block of DD Form 314.
2-5/(2-6 blank)


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