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TB 55-1900-207-24
DOSE/DOSAGE-The correct amount of remedial chemicals to be added to the coolant.
FEED WATER-Treated or untreated fresh water fed into a cooling system of an engine.
FERROUS METAL-A metal consisting largely of iron.
FILTRATION-The process of filtering a liquid to remove solid impurities.
GLYCOLS-A group of chemicals used to lower the freezing point of water.
HARD WATER-Water with a large concentration of dissolved minerals characterized by difficulty in making suds.
HIGH ALKALINITY-Water with pH value over 9.5.
INHIBITED GLYCOL-Antifreeze treated to neutralize the acids formed by its decomposition.
IRON OXIDE-Chemical name for the main constituent in iron rust.
LOW ALXALINTY-Water with pH range of 7.5 to 9.5.
MINERALS-Natural inorganic compounds.
NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (NSN)-Successor to Federal Stock Number (FSN).
NEUTRALIZER-A chemical used to change an acid or a base into a neutral salt.
NEUTRALIZING SOLUTION-Water solution containing a dissolved neutralizer.
OXYGEN SCAVENGER-A chemical having an affinity for oxygen and the ability to prevent it from combining with iron.
PASSIVATING CHEMICALS-Chemicals that have the capability to inactivate metal surfaces.
pH-A numbered value used as a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of a solution. pH7 is neutral. Below pH7 is acid.
Above pH7 is alkaline.
PITTING-Corrosion attack in localized areas, resulting in the formation of tiny cavities. The cavities formed by pitting are
smaller than those formed by cavitation. ppm-Abbreviation for parts per million by weight.
RAW WATER-For the purpose of this bulletin, untreated fresh water used for engine cooling.
REINHIBITING-The process of replenishing water treatment chemicals.
SALTS-Chemical compounds formed when acids react with bases.
SCALE-Insoluble materials that settle out of cooling water and adhere to the metallic surfaces; build-up of hard materials
which interfere with the transfer of heat.
SLUDGE-A soft sedimentary deposit that forms throughout the coolant. It may stay in suspension or it may settle on any
SODIUM MERCAPTOBENZOTBIHAZOLE (NaMBT)-A chemical used to prevent the corrosion of brass or copper.
SOFT WATER-Fresh water that has been treated to lower the mineral content. Characterized by large amounts of suds.
SUSPENSION-Extremely small particles that do not settle out in the cooling water.
TRI-SODIUM PHOSPHATE-A form of phosphate; a rather strong alkali used for cleaning.


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