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TB 551900-232-10
This Safety Summary contains all specific WARNINGS and CAUTIONS appearing elsewhere in this manual.
Should situations arise that are not covered by the general and specific safety precautions, the Commanding
Officer or other authority will issue orders, as deemed necessary, to cover the situation.
Extensive guidelines for safety can be found in the OPNAV 5100 Series instruction manual, "Navy Safety
Precautions." Personnel required to perform towing operations must be thoroughly trained and equipped not
only to perform routine duties but also to react appropriately to unusual or non-routine situations.
The officers and crew of vessels likely to be involved in towing operations should continuously conduct safety
indoctrination lectures and exercises aimed at reducing hazards and at reacting appropriately to unusual
circumstances with professional under- standing of their duties and the proper use of safety equipment
The WARNINGS and CAUTIONS contained in this manual and listed below are referenced by page number.
In addition, the following general precautions are offered as part of this Safety Summary:
a. All personnel responsible for towing should read and comprehend this manual.
b. Observe all warnings, cautions and notes listed in this manual.
Follow operational procedures. Observe operating parameters of all equipment.
Do not confuse pelican hook with chain stopper. (Page 2-30)
In no case should the stud of a common chain link be removed to provide a
connecting point to a chain. (Page 2-33)
The tow wire will be under tension when released, creating an extremely hazardous
condition. All nonessential personnel must evacuate the area to prevent serious
injury. (Page 2-34)
Wire rope stretches far less under load than most natural and synthetic fiber lines
and thus has a smaller zone of danger to bystanders from loose ends "snapping
back" in the event that it fails under high loads. The elongation under load is
sufficient, nonetheless, to be dangerous. The recoil can be extremely violent and
all personnel should stay well away from any potential recoil path. (Page 2-35)
Old-style stoppers with smooth covers are condemned and should not be used.
These old models were made of cast metal and are subject to explosive brittle
fracture upon impact. Serious injury to personnel may result from flying fragments.
The Stern Rollers and Norman Pins onboard the ARS 50 Class ships will drop when
a load of 50,000 pounds or more is applied to mid-barrel height. The resulting
uncontrolled sweeping of the towline may injure personnel or damage equipment.


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