Quantcast FIGURE 2-25. Strap for Emergency Tow.

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TB 55-1900-232-10
FIGURE 2-25. Strap for Emergency Tow.
rigged with no provision for quick release, other than shipping the tow wire from the towing ship. However, in towing
damaged ships, especially those with no deck power available, it may be desirable to provide for a quick release of the
tow pendant or bridle to facilitate breakup of the tow. Even if the tow hawser has already been disconnected, the weight
of the chafing pendant or bridle legs will be significant, and must be considered in selecting the means of disconnecting.
The tow wire will be under tension when released, creating an extremely hazardous condition. All non-essential
personnel must evacuate the area to prevent serious injury.
The towing ship should reduce the tension on the towing assembly by either slowing down or stop-ping prior to
cutting or otherwise releasing a towline.
In case of a damaged ship, the tow pendant or bridle legs, if chain, should be securely held by multiple chain stoppers,
each bearing equal tension. If the pendant or bridle legs are wire, then provision should be made for cutting with an oxy-
acetylene torch, a cable cutter or any similar device. As cutting is extremely hazardous, precautions should be taken to
prevent whipping, and the wire should be seized on both sides of the intended cut.


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