Quantcast Figure 3-2. Special Draft Markings.

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TB 55-1900-232-10
Figure 3-2. Special Draft Markings.
3-2.7.1 Flooding Alarms, Draft Indicators and Other Alarms.
a. There should be flooding alarms in all unmanned tows. Areas that are to have flooding alarms installed must be
certified gas-free to prevent explosion and fire from electrical contact sparking.
b. Installation of flooding alarms may require piercing watertight decks and bulkheads. Every attempt should be made to
use watertight penetrations, or minimize the size of the penetration. Penetrations should be installed as high as possible.
c. The tow should have sufficiently large special waterline marks painted on bow, stern and midships on both sides, in
reflective paint to allow the towing ship to check the trim of the tow visually by day and by searchlights at night. See
Figure 4-2.
d. Periodic inspection and test of the flooding alarms is recommended
e. Depending upon the tow, its equipment and cargo, other alarms such as fire, radiological, combustible gas, etc, may
also be required.
f. Sufficient electrical power, battery or other, must be provided for all lights and alarms for the duration of the tow.
3-2.7.2 Propellers. The tow's propellers may offer great resistance.
a. Fixed-pitch propellers may be removed for long-distance tows to decrease the towing resistance.


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