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TB 55-1900-232-10
The foregoing discussion of ATP-43 is not intended to suggest that the damaged ship's towing gear is preferred over a
tug or salvage ship's gear. On the contrary, the tug's gear will be more robust than that of all but the largest warships,
and always will be longer than the casualty's hawser. Furthermore, unless the emergency hawser is connected to the
ship's anchor chain, there will be insufficient long-term chafing protection for the casualty's own hawser, and possibly
insufficient catenary as well. Use of the tug or salvage ship's towing gear always will be the first consideration for towing
a warship or naval auxiliary. Connecting to the casualty's hawser as an expedient means should be based on a careful
balancing of the tactical circumstances, rapidity of commencing the tow, distance to be towed and existing and forecast
wind and sea conditions. If the tactical situation requires initial use of the casualty's hawser, re-rigging to the more
conventional connection is recommended at the earliest possible opportunity.
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