Quantcast FIGURE 4-1. Williams Target Sled Rigged for Tow with Righting Line Streamed.

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TB 55-1900-232-10
FIGURE 4-1. Williams Target Sled Rigged for Tow with Righting Line Streamed.
4-2.3.2 Clearing the Harbor.
If the target is made up bow-to-stern, it will reverse direction and swing into position when slipped, unless there
is too much way on the ship. Too much way on will cause the target to be towed stern first. Ensure that the
target does, in fact, tow bow first as the target has a tendency to stream aft without reversing itself and will end
up by straddling the towline in a stern-first position.
If the tow is to commence at the target's berth, some crews make up the target to the towing ship bow-to-stern alongside
and shackle the towline to the target's bridle pendant. Others make up the tow bow-to-bow alongside, bow-to-stern aft of
the towing ship, or on the fantail of the towing ship. If the tow is made up in the water, the target mooring lines are
slipped when clear of the pier. Tow the target at short stay until congested waters are cleared. Streaming at short stay
does not affect maneuverability or speed.
If a delivery ship, usually a work boat, is to bring the target out of the harbor to the towing ship, the towing ship should
slow and maintain steerageway so that the delivery ship can easily approach her stern. If the target has been made up
on the fantail, it can be set overboard by the ship's crane or boom upon arrival at the operations area It may be similarly
made up on the fantail during protracted delays between exercises or in the event of impending heavy weather.
4-2.3.3 En Route to the Firing Range. When clear of the harbor and congested waters, which require towing at short
stay, about 600 feet of towline is usually streamed. If the towline Is not on the drum of a winch, it may be paid out using
a gypsy head or capstan to maintain control. Ships with towing bitts


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