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TB 55-1900-232-10
method to be used then be pull tested to 100% of the wire rope nominal breaking strength per RR-W-410.
Should the rope or socket failure occur before the nominal breaking strength of the wire is reached, two
additional test assemblies shall be prepared and tested and this process continued until required strength is
demonstrated m two consecutively fabricated samples. Copies of these test results shall be included with
documentation required in Section 4.4 3. All testing shall be completed prior to any fabrication and the DCAS
representative and/or Navy representative shall be present to observe and certify the fabrication and testing of
the test specimens.
4.4.1 REQUIREMENTS FOR INSPECTION All items shall be checked to ensure proper type, size and marking as required by applicable
specifications All data and checks made shall be certified by the DCAS representative and included in the
production lot test report (Section 4 4 2) All items not conforming to the specifications shall be replaced at the contractor's expense. Steel cable reels shall be inspected to ensure that modifications to the drums have been made to allow
easy socket attachment and to permit external verification of the presence of the socket. The contractor shall keep the DCAS representative informed at all times as to the schedule for required
inspections and specification checks in order to ensure complete compliance with specification requirements.
4.4.2 PRODUCTION LOT TEST REPORT Following the production of all items as required by the contract, the contractor shall submit a
Production Lot 'Test Report as specified on DD Form 1423. The Production Lot Test Report shall be in accordance with best industry practice and shall contain all
data from all tests required by this specification for each piece to be delivered under a Contract Line Item. All
certifications by the DCAS representative shall also be included. The entire Production Test Report (3 copies) shall be submitted to the COTR for review as specified on
DD Form 1423. The PCO shall within 30 calendar days of receipt of the Production Lot Test Report approve,
conditionally approve or disapprove the production lot
4.4.3 DELIVERY All items shall be delivered as required m the procurement request, to the locations specified.
5.1.1 GENERAL All shipping containers or other methods of packaging shall be acceptable to the common carrier which
will ensure safe delivery in acceptable condition to the destination. Container, packing and method of shipment
shall comply with Uniform Freight or National Motor Freight Classification Rules or Regulations, or other carrier
rules as applicable to the mode of transportation.
5.1.2 PACKAGING, PRESERVATION AND MARKING All items shall be packaged and preserved in accordance with the applicable specifications, or, in the
absence of such specification, to Level "C." Marking for shipment and storage shall be in accordance with the applicable specification and MIL-STD-


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