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TB 55-1900-232-10
Is adequate fuel available for pumps/generators?
kk.  Is forward one-fifth of craft designed to withstand constant pounding during transit?
If not, shore m accordance with the U.S. Navy Towing Manual.
If the craft to be towed is a barge, and inspection reveals signs of serious deterioration, or the barge is
suspected of being weakened, it may require shoring, particularly in the forward one-fifth of its length Is shoring
mm. Is steel "K " shoring installed on all longitudinal m forward and after compartments?
nn. For LST-type tows, the following questions must be answered in the affirmative, or the vessel will not be
accepted for ocean tow, even as a calculated risk:
Do the bow doors have hydraulic rams connected?
Are mud flaps at the bottom of the doors secured?
Are all dogs, heavy weather shackles, ratchet-type turnbuckles a d strongbacks in place, tight and
secure so that they cannot work free?
Are bow ramp operating instructions posted in the hydraulic control room?
oo. If craft is equipped with a bow or stern ramp, is it secured in accordance with notes on LSTs listed below?
YFU/LCUs are inherently unseaworthy due to wide beams and flat bottoms. A lift of opportunity should be
used whenever possible. If it is absolutely necessary to tow these craft, the following must be strictly adhered
The bow ramp will be secured with a minimum of four angle straps on each side, welded on the outside
of the ramp. The size of these straps should be a minimum of 4 " x 3/8 " and overlap the bow ramp and
sides of the craft a minimum of 10"
(2) All normal securing devices (1 e., ramp chains, dogs and turnbuckles) are in place and in good
mechanical condition
All hatches, scuttles and doors have good gaskets and all securing devices are in proper operating


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