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TB 55-1900-232-10
one barrel of the first set and lead the wire to the second set, where it is terminated with a round turn followed
by "figure eights" Has this been done?
Has all slack been taken out of the "figure eights "?
Has all the slack been removed from the backup wires so that all parts will take an equal strain if the
attachment points fail?
In most cases, the bridle legs are run through closed chocks before being connected to the towing pads or bitts.
The lead angle from the connecting point to the chocks must be fairly straight to prevent bending and failure of
the chain where it passes through the chock. Does the towing rig conform to the above?
Is there sufficient and adequate metal thickness at all potential chafing points toprevent the bridle from cutting
into the chocks, gunwale or hull?
If mooring bitts are used as bridle attachment points, heavy channel iron must be welded across the bitts to
prevent the chain from jumping out. Has this been accomplished?
(Note A minimum of 4-inch channel iron is recommended.)
Is the size of the bridle retrieving pendant adequate (i.e., providing a 4.1 safety factor in lifting bridle weight,
but no less than 5/8-inch wire rope)?
Is there an adequate number of wire cli s securing the retrieval pendant (3 x diameter of wire plus 1)?
(Note Install wire clips aligned in the same direction with "U" on bitter-end side, placed 6 rope diameters apart)
When attached from the bow of the tow to the flounder plate, is there sufficient slack to allow the retrieval
pendant to droop slightly with no strain when the unit is being towed?
aa. Are flounder plates and plate shackles of approved design, and rigged in accordance with the U S Navy
Towing Manual"
bb. If there is a clearance in excess of 1/16" in securing pins in plate shackles, flounder plates and other towing
jewelry, the rig is unacceptable. Is the towing rig jewelry within acceptable clearance limits?


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