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TB 55-1900-232-10
All plate and safety shackle pin nuts must be locked with a minimum of a 5/16-inch machine bolt through a
drilled hole in the plate shackle nut and pin. Secure the machine bolt in place with jam nuts Has this been
(Note. Welding is not acceptable.)
dd. Lateral movement must be removed from the plate shackle connections by using washers or welding
bosses on the plates Has this been accomplished?
ee. Are all safety shackles of the approved types and materials listed in the U.S. Navy Towing Manual?
If multiple tows are planned, and you are the preparing activity, have you checked to ensure that all the
necessary equipment is available to rig and stream the appropriate towing method?
Standard U S Navy practice allows three possible versions: the Christmas Tree, Honolulu, and Tandem rigs
Any rig selected must be rigged in accordance with the U.S. Navy Towing Manual. Rig selected
(Note: Preparing activity should check with the towing activity as to desired rig.)
gg. Is shoring required to prevent damage to deck fittings, wiring, scuttles, doors, etc.?
hh. Does craft have the equipment on board to anchor in 60 feet of water with at least a ratio of 3.1, scope to
Is anchor of sufficient size and anchor cable ofsufficient size and length to accomplish this?
Has the anchor windlass brake been tested?
If plans have been made to anchor the tow at port of delivery, is power available to raise the anchor?
Major ocean tows are normally rigged with a secondary emergency towing system to recover the tow in case of
failure of the primary system. Is such a system rigged?
Are the secondary towing system's attachment and fairlead points adequate to tow the vessel?


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