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TB 55-1900-232-10
There are many hulls whose design will require special towing rigs. Additional work may be required to rig an
applicable bridle to ensure safe delivery of a craft from port to port. This will require additional lead time to
prepare the tow(s) for ocean transit. Submarines, wooden-hull mine sweepers, sailing craft, etc, fall into this
When towing a sharp "V-shaped" hull that has a bullnose and a bulbous bow/sonar dome, the single leg bridle
is the preferred method of rigging. Rig using at least two shots of the tow's anchor chain, if that chain is
acceptable, m accordance with the U S Navy Towing Manual
12. Remarks':
13. The tow described above is certified as seaworthy m all respects. The material condition is noted. Copies of the
master inventory and storage keys are receipted for.
Representative of command having prepared the tow for sea.


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