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TB 55-1900-232-10
A heavy rope, chain or wire of great strength. Applications include attachment to anchors and towing Also a unit of
length, equivalent to 120 fathoms or 720 feet.
Cable grip
A termination which is wrapped about the end of a wire rope using interlocking helical strands, designed so that
tensile loads are resisted by induced radial pressures.
Three ropes flaid up like strands from right- to left-handed. The ropes which serve as strands are laid up from left
to right (i.e., non-rotating wire).
Calculated risk
Accepting an operation or decision based on less than satisfactory conditions. As applied to towing, accepting a
tow when the tow's material condition, seaworthiness, weather, etc., makes the tow less than satisfactory. This
should be rarely used as a basis of acceptance of the tow.
Calm water resistance
The hydrodynamic resistance created by a tow without the influence of waves created by the weather, tug, tow, or
other outside influences; approximates steady tension.
Rail on the stern of a towing vessel, over which the sweep of the tow wire rides.
A revolving device with a vertical axis, used for heaving in mooring lines
Carpenter stopper
A mechanical device consisting of a pair of gates that enclose a sliding jar that can be opened by knocking away a
latch that holds them closed. Used for holding a wire
The downward curve for sag of a rope suspended between two points
Center of Gravity (CG)
The point in a ship where the sum of all moments of weight is zero.
Chafing pendant
A length of chain used to reduce chafing or wearing.
Chain bridle
A chain sused in a bridle rig or a single pendant rig.
Chain connecting link
See "Detachable link."
Chain pendant
A piece of chain used as a strap, chain rigged between the tow and tow haswer; chain used to create a catenary.
Chain stopper
A device used to secure chain, thereby relieving the strain on the windlass; also used to secure the anchor in the
housed position in the hawsepipe.
To bevel, to form a smooth round surface
To keep a strain on a line without parting it.


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