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TB 55-1900-232-10
Load cell
An instrument for measuring tension or torque
Locking pin
Keeper or device used to hold or maintain a chain stopper, shackle, or other similar devices in a designated
The method of hawser identification for wear, chafing, etc.
A light line used for hauling over a heavier rope or hawser.
Metacentric height (GM)
Distance between the metacenter and the center of gravity of a ship, a measure of stability.
The opening of a shackle or detachable link. The inside dimension, measured across the opening of a shackle or
detachable link.
Magnetic Particle Inspection A non- destructive test, using a magnetic field and steel filings or particles to locate
and define flaws in steel structures.
Naval Sea Systems Command, Director of Ocean Engineering/Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, Washington,
A sharp bend in a line or wire.
Norman pin
A steel rod or post that can be raised or lowered, and which usually is mounted to- ward the stern of a vessel to
limit the sweep of a hawser across the rear deck and provide safe areas for the crew.
Oil Companies International Marine Forum
A term used for the coordinates of a ship's form, deck heights, etc.
Offset shackle
A device used to connect towing components of different sizes.
On the brake
Towing with the tow hawser restrained by the brake system of the towing machine or winch.
"On the dog"
Description of the winch status when a pawl is engaged in the ratchet teeth of the towing machine's drum.
Open socket
A wire rope termination that is shaped similarly to a shackle, mates with a closed socket.
Optimum Track Ship Routing
Padeye (horizontal, vertical)
A metal structure with a hole for a shackle or pin to pass a ring. On a vertical padeye, the axis of the hole is
parallel to the deck On a horizontal padeye, the axis is perpendicular to the deck


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