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TB 55-1900-232-10
Screw stopper
A chain stopper fitted with a turnbuckle.
Sea anchor
A device, usually made of wood and/or can- vas, streamed by a vessel or boat in heavy weather in order to hold
the bow or stern into the sea.
The motion of the sea when clear of shoal water.
To bind with small stuff, as one rope to another or a rope to a spar.
To wrap small stuff tightly around a rope that has been previously wormed and parceled.
Shackle (anchor, chain)
U-shaped metal fittings closed at the open end with a pin. Used to connect wire, chain, padeyes, etc. The anchor
type has an exaggerated bow, the chain type has parallel sides.
A pulley with a rim, used to support or guide a rope in operation.
In towing, the tow's meandering from the towing vessel's track. The tow may sheer out to a constant position on
one side of the tug's track, or it may swing from one side to the other with a fairly long period of several minutes or
more. See also "yaw" TB 55-1900-232-10
A standard length of chain, 15 fathoms (90 feet)
Shaft horsepower. See "Horsepower. shaft."
Moving sideways through the water.
Situation Report A special report generally in a prescribed format, required to keep higher authority advised.
Required under certain predictable circumstances, but also may be required at any time.
A continuation of the keel structure aft under the propeller, for supporting the rudder post
Slip stopper
A chain stopper hooked or shackled to the deck and fitted with a slip-hook for holding the .towline. A strap is
passed through the end eye of a working line or wire, one end of which is secured to a pad with the end having a
soft eye held by a chain stopper. The slip stopper is released by tripping the chain stopper allowing the soft eye of
the strap to render fully through the holding part.
Small stuff
Any small-circumference line used for general purposes.
Smit Towing Bracket
A specially-designed deck-mounted device used to connect a tow pendant quickly to the tow.


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