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TB 55-1900-232-10
A chain link with a bar fitted across the middle to prevent the chain from kinking
A short working wire with a spliced eye at each end.
To draw or stretch tight, to injure or weaken by force, pressure, etc., to stretch or force beyond the normal,
customary limits; to change the form or size of, by applying external force.
To extend, or increase, the scope of the tow hawser.
To hold a line taut on a winch drum without hauling in, to slack off a line or let it slip around a fitting Surging
synthetic lines require great care.
To connect, splice or terminate wire rope by use of steel fittings installed under extremely high pressure
Motion of a ship in which it is displaced laterally, as distinct from rolling See also "pitch;' "roll" and "yaw."
A removable anchor chain link fitted to revolve freely and thus keep turns out of a chain.
SWL (Safe Working Load)
The load for which a rope, fitting or working gear is designed
Synthetic towline
A line or pendant used for towing, made from any of a group of continuous or synthetic fibers.
An arrangement of ropes and blocks to give a mechanical advantage, a purchase.
A grooved metal buffer fitted snugly into an eye splice
Tiller (tiller arm)
Casting or forging attached to the rudder stock.
Tow pad
A padeye designated or dedicated as the connection to the tow hawser or bridle. See "Padeye"
The total force resisting the movement of the tow
Towing bracket
See "Smit Towing Bracket" or "Tow pad."
Towing chock
Chock designed or dedicated to use during a towing operation.
Towing hawser
The towing member which connects the tug with the tow
Towing Machine
A towing winch with automatic features.


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