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TB 600-1
cordance with AR 600-55. In addition, operators of:
d. As a rule, training and examination of operators
will not be decentralized below battalion level Conducting
(1) Amphibian equipment will be marine
training at this level, fullest use can be made of the best
certified in accordance with AR 56-9 In addition to
instructor personnel in the organization, a more stringent
possessing a Standard Form 46.
control/supervision can be applied, and more efficient and
(2) Bridge Erection Boats, Mobile Assault
economical use can be made of required special
Float Bridge/Ferry, Transporter and Outboard Motors will
be knowledgeable in Navigation Rules in addition to
possessing a Standard Form 46.
6. Test Administration and Supply.
a. General testing conditions as outlined in AR 611-5 and
c. To be effective, operator training must have the
AR 611-201 will apply for the administration of operator
close cooperation and supervision of all Commanders and
selection test.
instructor personnel. The Commander must make certain
b. Materials and manuals will be requested through
that adequate time is allowed for training instructor
normal publication supply channels in accordance with DA
personnel, the operator training program cannot succeed
PAM 310-8.
unless its instructors are proficient.
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