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TB 600-1
(2) To become thoroughly familiar with
ification Record Except Aircraft) This form provides a
pertinent publication(s) the student operator should be
means of recording the complete history of an individual's
required to use the manual(s) throughout the training
previous operating experience.  It should be initiated
when the individual is administered the Battery  at the
Lubrication Order A lubrication order lb
reception station.
Results of the Battery I will be
published for most equipment In the Army's Inventory It
translated into a standard score and entered on DA Form
prescribes the types of lubricants to be used, intervals to
2-2 (Personnel Qualification Record) in addition to DA
be observed, and special precautions to be followed
Form 348. If the prospective operator has not attained a
under unusual operating conditions These lubrication
score of 85 or higher on Battery 1, he will be given Battery
services are mandatory.
II and the results will be recorded. Results of the physical
(1) Instructions to the student operator must
evaluation tests are recorded on DA Form 348. When the
include detailed instructions on the pertinent lubrication
individual is trained to operate non-vehicular equipment,
the operating performance test will be completed, when
(2) To assure the potential operator is
trained to operate amphibian equipment, the results of the
thoroughly familiar with proper procedures, the student
road test will be recorded on DA Form 348. When the
should perform a lubrication service during the training
prospective operator passes the qualification course, the
permit number, date, type of permit, and limitations when
d.  Standard Form 46 (US Government Motor
applicable, will be entered together with the specific
Vehicle Operator's Identification Card).
equipment qualification in the appropriate blocks on DA
(1) The Standard Form 46 Is Issued to
Form 348. This form is a permanent record maintained in
qualified operators by the Commanding Officer or
the Individual's 201 file and remains with the file when
authorized supervisor.
Facsimile signatures are au
transferred.  When the individual is assigned operator
thorized in accordance with AR 340-15, but do not relieve
duties on a daily dispatch basis, DA Form 348 may be
the officer whose signature is used from responsibility for
withdrawn  by  regular  charge-out  procedure  and
the precautions (including numbering and recording the
maintained by the officer responsible for unit equipment
issue of permits) against misuse.
operation (AR 385 55).
(2) The Standard Form 46 is stamped or
f.  Standard Form  91 (Operator's Report of
marked "ARMY LEARNER" when issued to student
Motor Vehicle Accident). Use of Standard Form 91 is
operator for use during the operator training course. At
best taught by the practical exercise type of instructions.
the Commander's discretion, the "ARMY LEARNER"
Non vehicular, vehicular and amphibian equipment
permit is not required during operator training course on
should carry Standard Form 91 and all operators must be
non vehicular type equipment.
able to fill it out properly before being issued a Standard
(3) A regular Standard Form 46 will be issued
Form 46. The student operator must be impressed with
only to individuals who qualify by passing pertinent tests
the Importance of the SF 91 and necessity for accuracy in
prescribed by AR 600 55 and completing satisfactorily the
filling it out.
equipment operator qualification test.
g. DD Form 518 (Accident-identification Card)
(4) The Standard Form 46 will be completed
All motor vehicular and amphibian equipment should
and authenticated for type, model, or capacity of
carry a DD Form 518. This form is used to identify the
equipment or type of plant the individual Is qualified to
equipment and organization to which it is assigned. Only
the operator's name, social security number, and date are
(5) The battalion.  or licensing agency, will
required to complete the form at the time of accident The
maintain a ledger of all Standard Forms 46 issued,
completed DD Form 518 is presented to the operator of
including the name of person to whom issued, date, type
the other equipment(s) involved in an accident (No
of equipment authenticated, and authority or certification.
statement or commitment should be made to the operator
(6)  The  Standard  Form  46,  standard
of the other equipment involved in an accident ).
operator's permit, will be valid as indicated in AR 600 '55
unless revoked or suspended earlier for cause.
22. Visual Signals. Signals, when applicable, must be
(7) Renewal procedures will be followed when
taught  thoroughly  to  insure  adequate  control,
ever a licensed operator is to qualify on an additional item
understanding of orders, and cooperative action.  They
of equipment. Renewal procedures will consist of a re-
provide flexibility of maneuver in tactical situations, allow
evaluation of the operator's qualifications and capabilities,
for fine adjustments of position
and complete satisfactorily the equipment operator
qualification test.
e.  DA Form 348 (Equipment Operator's Qual-


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