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TB 600-1
properly during operation, and restore it to as near the
original condition as possible after operation.
(21) Heat exchanger
(4) Preventive maintenance services (other
(22) Safety valves
than routine daily check and services) They consist of
detailed inspection and services not performed on a daily
24. Tools and Equipment. Prospective operators should
basis and includes lubrication services. Emphasis should
be instructed that each major item of equipment is issued
be placed on service intervals that must be applied during
with the necessary tools, publications and equipment for
normal and abnormal operating conditions.
its operation and operator/crew maintenance. This phase
(5)  Early  diagnosis,  and  prevention  of
of instruction must be designed for the potential operator
common equipment failures.
to gain a general knowledge of the tools, publications and
(6) Proper use of tools and equipment.
equipment essential for the specific equipment on which
(7)  Proper  procedures  for  handling  of
the instruction/training are conducted.
petroleum (TM 10-1101).
c.  During the course of instruction/training the
25. Fire Prevention and Firefighting. All prospective
prospective operators should perform the preventive
operators must be made aware of the danger of fire on or
maintenance services, to assure proper procedures are
within the equipment to be operated. Rags, spilled oil,
thoroughly understood.
gasoline, diesel fuel and cleaning fluids in open
containers must be removed from the equipment prior to
27.  Starting, Warm-up, and Stopping Procedures.
working on electrical components, or starting the engine.
This phase of instruction/training should be designed for
Emphasis must be placed on fire prevention and proper
the potential operator to gain a thorough knowledge of
use of fire extinguishers.
proper starting, warm-up and stopping procedures.
a. The starting, warm-up, and stopping procedures
26. Operator Maintenance. a. The operator, although
are not identical for all equipment. Therefore, procedures
not expected to be a trained mechanic, is the most
prescribed in the pertinent equipment technical manual
important single factor in preventive maintenance.
should be taught.
Preventive  maintenance  is  the  systematic  care,
(1) Instructions should include cold weather
inspection, and servicing of equipment to maintain in
and electrical slave starting procedures.
serviceable condition and prevent breakdown.  Another
(2) In general, a fast idle is satisfactory for
function that must not be neglected nor its importance
engine warm-up. Prospective operator should be aware
that rapid acceleration or deceleration is harmful to a
malfunctions/problems which the operator is unable to
piston type engine, and that the hand throttle should be
diagnose  and/or  not  authorized  to  repair/correct.
used to hold the engine at a constant speed until engine is
Reporting these potential and known problems helps
warm and the engine oil pressure is normal. Warm-ups
reduce costly repairs and overhauls.
permit the metals to expand uniformly and engine
During this phase of Instruction, specific
lubricants to circulate thoroughly.
emphasis  should  be  placed  on  the  operator's
(3) After operation, the engine should run at
responsibility regarding maintenance.  In addition, this
an idle speed for a short period before stopping it, to
phase of instruction must be designed for the potential
prevent uneven cooling and distortion of metal.
operator to gain a thorough knowledge of:
b.  The prospective operator should demonstrate
(1) The operator's manual and lubrication
familiarity with proper procedures by performing an
order applicable to the specific equipment on which the
engine starting, warm-up, and stopping exercise.
instruction/training is conducted.
(2) Forms and records that must be prepared
28. Field Expedients and Repair. Properly instructed
by the operator In accordance with TM 38-750 and local
operators/crews  with  thorough  knowledge  of  their
command policy.
equipment, can often make temporary repairs to a
(3) Preventive maintenance checks and
disabled item of equipment that will enable them to take it
services performed before, during and after operation.
to a maintenance facility.
However, care must be
They consist of detailed inspection by the operator and/or
exercised in teaching expedient repair, since some
crew before operation, observation of instruments and
expedient repairs might make the equipment unsafe to
controls during operation, and inspection and servicing
operate and/or be extremely harmful to the equipment
after operation.  The objective of these services is to
and should be resorted to only in case of extreme
ascertain that the equipment is-ready for service before it


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