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TB 600-1
knowledge. At the Commander's discretion, similar tests may
31.  General.  Qualification will be based largely upon
be prepared, using data from pertinent operator's manual,
operating ability but inspections, services, and procedures
applicable to equipment on which instruction/training is
must not be neglected nor their importance overlooked.
32.  Mechanical Knowledge. a. As a minimum, operators
The appendixes also contain suggested instructor
selected for licensing will demonstrate satisfactorily a
checklists, on selected items of equipment, that may be used
mechanical knowledge of the specific equipment for which a
to record the potential operator's ability to perform preventive
Standard Form 46 is sought Each potential operator will be
maintenance services. Similar checklist should be prepared
examined on the:
on the specific equipment on which instruction/training is
Ability to identify all major components of
the equipment and their basic functions.
Familiarity with the applicable operator's
33.  Operating Proficiency  a.  The operating proficiency
manual and lubrication order
test, the final examination of the potential operator, is
designed to determine the individual's ability to perform every
Ability to demonstrate satisfactorily the
operation of which the equipment is capable
preventive maintenance service the operator must perform
During this demonstration the potential operator should be
The manner m which the individual operates the
authorized to use the pertinent operator's manual and
specific equipment should clearly indicate familiarity and self
lubrication order, and DA Form 2404, (Equipment Inspection
and Maintenance Work Sheet).
In cases where equipment is manned by a crew,
Standards for this type of test must be high
each crew member must demonstrate familiarity and self
Procedures must be impartial and thorough to insure desired
confidence at each operating station.
results. Each potential operator should be tested individually.
Appendixes  include  suggested  instructor's
Inasmuch as Troop Support and Aviation Materiel
checklist on selected items of equipment that may be used to
Readiness equipment includes a wide variety, such as: poor
record the potential operator's performance during the
generating, marine, bridge launching, rail equipment, etc., no
proficiency test.  At the Commander's discretion similar
single written test regarding technical knowledge is outlined
checklist may be prepared for the specific equipment on which
for all equipment. The appendixes contain suggested
the instruction/training is conducted.
questions for a written test, on selected items of equipment,
that may be used to evaluate the potential operator's technical
Permits will be authenticated by the Commanding
34.  Licensing. a. Successful completion of the prescribed
Officer or the authorized supervisor. Facsimile signatures are
tests qualify an individual to be licensed for the equipment(s)
authorized in accordance with AR 340-15, but do not relieve
on which the individual passed tests. Specific nomenclature
the officer whose signature is used from responsibility for the
of the equipment will be entered on the Standard Form 46 (US
precautions (including numbering and recording the issue and
Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card).
permits) against misuse.
The standard operator's permit (Standard Form
The battalion or licensing agency, will maintain a
46) will be issued to the individual.  The permit will be
ledger of all permits issued, including the name of the person
completed and authenticated for type, model, or capacity of
to whom issued, date, type of permit, and authority of
equipment the holder is qualified to operate.
certification. Permits will
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