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TB 600-1
37.  Periodic  Evaluation  of  Operators.
35.  Necessity for Supervision. Training and examination
operators will be re-evaluated on an annual basis (more
of equipment operators must not stop with the issuing of a
frequent  when  accident  records  or  readiness  posture
Standard Form 46. To maintain operator efficiency, training
warrants) to determine weak points and/or bad habits they
and examination must be continuous.
This continuous
may have formed. Each operator should be given additional
training and examination is accomplished by supervision.
training as needed. This re-evaluation and training procedure
Any work not carefully and continually supervised will
is essential in maintaining operator efficiency.  Short of
eventually fall below satisfactory standards.  Operators not
continuous on-the-spot supervision, it is the only method of
supervised,  form  one  bad  habit  after  another  until
discovering and correcting bad habits that even the best
maintenance facilities cannot keep the equipment operational.
operators form.
Reevaluating and retraining procedures
Usually, a high equipment deadline rate or unusually heavy
should be just as thorough as those used to train and examine
maintenance workload can be traced directly to lack of
new operators.
adequate supervision of operators.
38.  Incentive for Operators to Excel.
36.  How to Supervise Equipment
organization needs an incentive system to inspire its
Supervision is a principal duty of every officer and
equipment operators to improve themselves and their
noncommissioned officer in the Army. In order for anyone to
operating ability.
Competitive maintenance inspections,
supervise operators, he must know how the equipment should
unannounced maintenance inspections, and surprise field
be operated, be able to recognize equipment abuse, and know
exercises are only a few of the means available to the
where and when these abuses are most likely to occur.
Commander that enables him to determine the state of
maintenance and operator training in the unit.
A practical method of discovering operator faults
and equipment abuse is to spot check operators while
Equipment  operators  who  have  exceptional
performing, before, during and after operation services, and
operating performance and safety records for at least one
while operating the equipment at the job site. On the spot
year are eligible for safety awards under the provisions of AR
instructions should be given to correct operator faults when
385-10 and AR 600-55. In recognition of merit, operators of
noted. However, If not practical at the time a note should be
special mechanical equipment may have "Army Expert"
made of any deficiencies found, so that the operator can be
stamped on their permits. Non-vehicular equipment operators
given required instructions on the subject after the equipment
may have "Master Operator" stamped on their Standard Form
is shut down.


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