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TB 600-1
of lubricants to be used, intervals to be followed, special cautions to be observed, and what level of maintenance performs each
service. Services listed on the lubrication order are mandatory. Two areas must be covered in the training of student operators:
Detailed instructions on the use of pertinent lubrication orders.
Have the student perform a lubrication service to demonstrate understanding of the service.
Standard Form 46 (US Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card):
The Standard Form 46 is issued to qualified operators by the Commanding Officer, or authorized supervisor.
Facsimile signatures are authorized, but do not relieve the officer whose signature is used from responsibility against misuse (AR
The Standard Form 46 is stamped or marked "Army Learner" when issued to a student operator for use during the
training course.
The regular Standard Form 46 will be issued only to individuals who qualify by passing pertinent tests prescribed
by AR 600-55, and satisfactorily completing the equipment operator qualification test.
DA Form 348 (Equipment Operator's Qualification Record):
This form provides a means of recording the complete history of an individual's training and operating experience.
All training, qualification, and testing dates will be entered together with the specific equipment qualified to operate in the appropriate
blocks. This form is a permanent record maintained in the individual's 201 file and remains with the file when the individual is
transferred. If an individual is assigned as an operator on a daily basis, DA Form 348 may be withdrawn and maintained by the
Officer responsible for unit equipment operation (AR 385-55).
Standard Form 91 (Operator's Report of Motor Vehicle Accident):
Use of Standard Form 91 is best taught by the practical exercise type of instructions. The student operator must
be impressed with the importance of the SF 91, and necessity for accuracy in filling it out. All operators must be able to fill out SF 91
properly before being issued a Standard Form 46.
Equipment Characteristics and Components:
To become an efficient operator, the student must have a thorough knowledge of:
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