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TB 600-1
Lubrication Orders (con't)
LO 5-2805-257-12
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 3HP
LO 5-2805-258-12
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 10HP
LO 5-2805-259-12
Engine, gasoline MIL-STD 20HP
LO 5-6115-584-12
Generator set 5KW Diesel DOD
LO 5-6115-585-12
Generator set 10KW Diesel DOD
LO 5-6115-464-12
Generator set 15KW Diesel DOD
LO 5-6115-465-12
Generator set 30KW Diesel DOD
LO 5-6115-545-12
Generator set 60KW Diesel DOD
LO 5-6115-457-12
Generator set 100KW Diesel DOD
Technical Bulletins (TB)
TB 600-1
Procedures for Licensing Operators of Equipment
Managed by the US Army Troop Support and Aviation
Materiel Readiness Command.
TB 600-2
Procedures for Selection, Training, Testing, Qualify-
ing, and Licensing Operators of Construction Equip-
ment, Materiel Handling Equipment, and Armor-Vehicle-
Launched Bridge (AVLB) Managed/ Supported by US Army
Tank & Automotive Readiness Command
Training Circulars (TC)
TC 21-5-7
Training Management in Battalions
Department of the Army Pamphlets
DA Pam 310-1
Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank
DA Pam 385-1
Unit Safety Management
Army Regulations (AR)
AR 310-25
Dictionary of United States Army Terms
AR 385-10
Army Safety Program
AR 385-40
Accident Reporting and Records
AR 600-55
Motor Vehicle Driver Selection, Testing, and Licensing
AR 750-1
Army Material Maintenance Concepts and Policies
AR 750-5
Organization, Policies, and Responsibilities for
maintenance operations
TEC Lessons
Location and Installation of GED Generator Set
Servicing of GED Generator Set, Part I
Servicing of GED Generator set, Part II
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