Quantcast APPENDIX A REFERENCES - TB-600-10042

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TB 600-1
Field Manuals
FM 20-31
Electronic Power Generation in the Field
TC 2 1-5-7
Training Management in Battalions
FM 21-6
Technique of Military Instruction
FM 21-60
Visual Signals
FM 2 1-305
Manual for the Wheeled Vehicle Driver
Technical Manuals
TM 5-687
Repairs and Utilities, Fire Protection Equipment and Appliances Inspections
Operations and Preventive Maintenance
TM 10-1101
Petroleum Handling Equipment and Operation
AR 56-9
AR 310-25
Dictionary of United States-Army Terms
AR 310-50
Authorized Abbreviations and Brevity Codes
AR 385-10
Army Safety Program
AR 385-40
Accident Reporting and Records
AR 385-55
Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents
AR 600-55
Motor Drive-Selection, Testing and Licensing
AR 611-5
Arm Personnel Tests
AR 700-4
Logistic Assistance Program
AR 735-11
Accounting for Lost Damaged and Destroyed Property
AR 750-1
Maintenance Concepts
DA PAM 738-750
US Army Maintenance Management System
DA PAM 108-1
Index of army Films, Transparencies, GTA Charts and Recordings
DA PAM 310 Series
Army Personnel Tests and Measurements
DA PAM 611-2
Manual ,for Administration of MOS Evaluation Test
Change 5
A-1/(A-2 blank)


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