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TB 600-1
16. Each crane has a lubrication chart listing points to be lubricated and the proper lubricants to use It is not
necessary to use or refer to this chart when crane has been operating for 30 or more days.
17. A tag line is a device used to hold a load stationary when the boom is swung or the crane is traveling and
stopped suddenly.
18. The operator may allow a man to ride on a suspended load if he is holding on tight.
19. Only authorized persons are allowed in the cab when the crane is in operation.
20. It should be assumed that the power has been turned off on all overhead wiring and no danger exists if they are
touched by the boom.
21. The operator shall make sure by personal observation and signals the load is well secured and balanced before
raising it more than a few inches.
22. The ICC has ruled that no part of car, crane, or locomotive should be less than 2 1/2 inches above the rail. Upon
your preoperation inspection, you found a brake beam 1 inch from the top of the rail. This would indicate that the crane
had missing or broken parts
23. If you are operating a steam wrecker crane, you cannot test the water glass with the gage cocks.
24. The blow off cock is a valve or cock that can be opened and completely drain the water and steam from the
25. The pressure in a steam boiler is regulated by the safety pops or valves. These valves or pops are set to open at
a safe boiler pressure
A. The following questions are multiple choice. Check the correct answer.
1. Clearance must be obtained to move a motor car out on the main line. Who can give this clearances ?
a. Section foreman.
b. Dispatcher.
c. Others.
2. Motor cars used by the Department of the Army are powered by:
a. Two and four cycle gasoline engine.
b. Two and four cycle diesel engine.
c. DC electric motor.
3. The following list is a preoperatlon check list that must be conducted by the operator daily prior to operating the
motor car One item on this list does not apply to this check.
a. Check oil in crankcase (dipstick).
b. Check fuel (Tank must be kept full).
c. Check coolant in radiator.
d. Set brakes.
e. Drain transmission.
f. Insert key in ignition and start engine, let engine warm up.
g. Move car forward and in reverse for a short distance.
4. The motor car must be lubricated by the operator in accordance with:
a. The LO or lube order.
b. The lubrication points you can see.
c. The points you think need lubrication.
5. If, with the engine running at half throttle, the ammeter shows discharge, you should:
a. Clean the spark plugs.
b. Stop engine and check fan belt, voltage regulator, generator, and battery connections.
c. Stop engine and add water to the radiator.
6. The brakes on the motor cars used by the Department of the Army are to be kept adjusted and must be
inspected daily. The brakes are activated by:
a. Hydraulic brake fluid.
b. Air pressure.
c. Hand or foot mechanically operated.
7. A check must be made daily of the transmission, drive chains, belts and pulleys, and the components of these
parts lubricated. This lubrication must be performed with the engine:


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