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TB 600-1
Site Selection
(20 minutes)
a. State that the generator set must not be operating during installation and explain the reasons the following factors are
important when selecting the site for a generator set.
(Generator Protection)
DOD Generators do not require
shelters, A users discretion
A. Temporary
for permanent site only
B. Semipermanent
C. Permanent
Foundation (firm and level)
Distance to Load
Permanent mounting to foundation
Ventilation (overheating and safety)
Access (required to perform PMCS)
b. Insure student understanding of site selection.
Ground Rods and Fuel Supply.
(10 minutes)
a. Explain and demonstrate how to ground the generator set using the following.
Ground Rods
Ground Cable
Ground Clamps
Generator Set Ground Terminal
b. Explain the procedure for connecting the auxiliary fuel source.
c. The proper positions for the fuel selector valve when the set tank or auxiliary fuel source is used.
Explain and demonstrate how to install and connect (5 minutes) the power transmission cable.
Explain and demonstrate the position of the output selection switch and where to connect
(10 minutes)
the power transmission cable for the following outputs.
120 Volts
1 phase 2 wire
240 Volts
1 phase 2 wire
120 Volts
3 phase 3 wire
120/208 Volts 3 phase 4 wire
e. Place the circuit breaker in the OFF position and explain why.
Change 3 H-4


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