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TM 55-1905-217-12
the Commander, U.S Army Troop Support Command,
1-1. Scope
ATTN:  AMSTR-MCTS, 4300 Goodfellow Blvd.,  St.
This manual is for your use in operating and maintaining
Louis, MO 63120-1798. A Reply will be furnished directly
the landing craft, design LCM-8, MOD 1. The manual
to you.
provides information on the operation, lubrication, and
organizational maintenance of the equipment.  Also
1-4. Equipment Serviceability Criteria (ESC)
included are descriptions of main units and their
functions in relationship to other components.
This. equipment is not covered by an ESC.
1-2. Maintenance forms and Records
1-5. Destruction of Army Material to Prevent Enemy
Maintenance forms and records that you are required to
Use .
use are explained in DA Pam 738-750.
Procedures to be followed when capture or
abandonment of the landing craft to an enemy is eminent
1-3. Reporting of Errors
are covered in TM 750-244-3.
You can improve this manual by calling attention to
errors and by recommending improvements, using DA
1-6. Administrative -Storage
Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications), or
Procedures to be followed will be found in T'M 740-90-1
by a letter, and mail direct to
Administrative Storage.
SECTION II. Description and Data
from the pilot house and the Lazarette hatch is located
1-7. Description
in the deck aft from the pilot house. The deck contains a
bolted cover plate over each-engine to facilitate engine
a. General. The LCM-8, MOD 1, Landing Craft
removal and installation.
(fig. 1-1 and 1-2) is a welded steel, twinscrew type craft. It is
c.  Cargo Well and Ramp.  The cargo well is
used to transport cargo, troops, and vehicles from ship
forward. Dimensions are 42 ft. long and 15 ft. wide.
shore, shore-to shore, or in retrograde movements. It
The ramp is lowered and raised, by a winch located
may be utilized for lighterage and utility work in harbors.
forward in the hull. The winch is powered by a hydraulic
It is intended for use in rough or exposed waters and is
motor and is normally controlled from the pilot house.
capable of operating through breakers and grounding on
a beach, remaining upright and tight, and retracting from
d. Engine Room. The engine room is below the main
the beach under its own power. The craft is propelled by
deck between the cargo well and the Lazarette.
two twin-engine propulsion units, and is capable of a
Hydraulic system tanks are located in the engine room.
speed of nine knots when fully equipped.
Craft manufactured by the Marinette Marine Corporation
maintenance paragraphs of this manual contain detailed
also have a steering system expansion tank in the pilot
descriptions of the components of the LCM's.
house.  Bilge pumps and bilge system.  valves are
b. Main Deck. The main deck is aft, with the pilot
located in the engine room.
house centrally located on the deck. The engine room
hatch is located in the deck
e. Lazarette. The lazaette is aft below. the main deck.
It contains the two diesel fuel tanks,
Change 5 1-1


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