Quantcast Figure 2-6.2. Engine controls in engine room. (Sheet 2 of 2)

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TM 55-1905-217-12
Figure 2-6.2. Engine controls in engine room. (Sheet 2 of 2)
the engine room. Prior to starting an inboard engine, the
only if it is necessary to isolate a cylinder because of
valve controlling the accumulator for the engine to be
started must be opened. A crossover system allows
(27) The clutch lever, ramp hoist system pumps
starting of an engine from either accumulator.
(fig. 2-25), includes two pumps. The winch may be
(24) The hydraulic starting system hand pump
operated by using one or both pumps.
c.  Emergency Winch Controls (fig. 2-26.1).
and valve (fig. 2-21, hull numbers 8500 thru 8539 and fig.
2-22, hull numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618)
(1)  Emergency controls are provided to lower
are located on the port side of the port propulsion unit.
the ramp if the ramp hydraulic system should fail. These
The hand pump is used to restore pressure in the
controls are located at or near the winch. The winch on
accumulators if engines are not running. The hand pump
hull number 8500 thru 8519 is located forward on the port
shutoff valve on hull numbers 8520 thru 8560 and 8580
side and hull number 8520 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618
thru 8618 is located near the port accumulator.
the winch is located forward on the starboard side.
(25) The steering system valves, pump
(2)  Refer to fig. 2-26.1 for emergency lowering
discharge (fig. 2-23), are not used on hull numbers 8520
of the winch.
d. Pilot House Instruments and Gages. See figure
thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618. This paragraph applies to
hull numbers 8500 thru 8519. Only one steering pump is
2-1 for hull numbers 8500 thru &519 instruments; figure
needed to supply the steering system, so one is closed at
2-2 for hull numbers 8520 thru 8539 instruments; and
all times. Valves are located aft in engine room.
figure 2-3 for hull numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru
(26) The steering system valves, cylinders (fig.
8618 instruments.
(1)  Engine tachometers. Four tachometers are
2-24), are in the lazarette and are used
included in the panel, one tachometer for


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