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TM 55-1905-217-12
2-12. Hot Weather Operation
(3) Sea water (raw water) inlet clogged at sea chest.
Blow out sea chest with compressed air.
Fuel oil and other similar materials are
(4) Engine fresh water jump faulty.
Remove and
highly volatile in hot weather and these
inspect; replace if found faulty.
vapors increase the possibility of an
explosion. Be sure all spilled petroleum
(5) Scale or deposits in raw water side of heat
products are wiped up. Inspect for leaks
exchanger. If present, clean heat exchanger.
in fuel lines and fittings.  Pump bilges
d. Lubricating Oil System.
a. General. Keep engine compartment as cool as
(1) Check
lubricating oil pressure gage often.
possible by use of ventilation fans.
Pressure will drop slightly as water temperature rises.
b. Batteries.
(2) Refer to L055-1905-217-12/3 for instructions
concerning lubrication of engines during operation in hot
(1) Check electrolyte level often and fill as necessary.
(2) Keep terminals free of corrosion.
2-13. Foul Weather Operation
(3) Reduce specific gravity (TM 9-6140200-14).
a.  Check to see that all gear and equipment is
properly stowed and secured.
c. Cooling System. Check water temperature gage
often. Temperature should not rise above 185F. If this
b. Should the engines be operated at high speed in
temperature is exceeded, check for the following:
rough water the engines will surge when the propellers
(1) Insufficient supply of fresh water in the Keel
leave the water, causing excessive vibration.
cooling system. If so, fill expansion tank and check for
governor may be overworked under these conditions,
and it will be necessary for the protection of the engines
and safety of the vessel to reduce the speed of the
(2) Engine coolant thermostat faulty.
engines until a safe operating speed is attained as
determined by the roughness of the sea.
Remove and inspect; replace if found faulty.
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