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TM 55-1905-217-12
3-3. General
3-4.1 PMCS Schedule.
Preventive maintenance is the systematic care, servicing
PMCS will be accomplished as outlined in the enclosed
and inspection of equipment. The purpose of P.M. is to
table. To ensure that the vessel is serviced and ready for
keep the equipment in serviceable condition, and to
operation at all times, it will be serviced in accordance
prevent, find and repair conditions that could render the
with the intervals outlined in the PMCS Table.
a.  Before Operation.  The required preventive
equipment  unserviceable.
The  vessel  crew  is
responsible for operator/organizational maintenance.
maintenance services will be performed before operating.
The engineering/deck personnel engaged in preventive
Any deficiencies noted will be corrected prior to operating
maintenance checks and services should correct any
the equipment.
b. During Operation. The during operation services
deficiencies noted at the time of the check/inspection.
Deficiencies noted that are above the crew level of
is a check on the vessels performance.
If any
maintenance will be reported to DS/GS level utilizing DA
deficiencies are evidenced that will result in damage to
Form 2407 (Maintenance Request) in accordance with
the equipment, operation of said equipment will be
TM 38-750.
c. After Operation. After operation services are the
3-4. Procedures for Preventive Maintenance Checks
basic daily preventive maintenance services.
and Services.
These services will be performed at intervals based on
the normal operation of the equipment.
The personnel performing the PMCS will utilize DA Form
When abnormal conditions exist, the services will be
2404 (Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Work
performed at intervals to allow for them.
Sheet). The form will be annotated in accordance with
Monthly Operation.
The required monthly
services will be performed to ensure vessels stay ready
Form 2404, used for recording the PMCS, will be
for continued operation.
furnished to the appropriate supervisor for action. When
e.  Quarterly and Biannually Operation.  These
all corrected faults have been recorded on DA Form 55-
services are accomplished on a scheduled basis, and
40 (Deck Department LOG), DA Form 55-44 (Engine
definite tasks are accomplished, i.e., draining and filling
Depart LOG) and all uncorrected faults have been
equipment with oil, changing or cleaning the oil strainers
transcribed on to DA Form 2407 (Maintenance Request),
and filters, fuel filters and air filters, accomplishing minor
the DA Form 2404 can be discarded unless it is required
and some major adjustments, motor brush checks, etc.,
for historical data.
to ensure continued operation of vessel equipment.
Table 3-1. Operator/Crew Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
Landing Craft Mechanized Mod 0 and Mod 1
Equipment will be reported
B/A Item to be inspected
not ready (red) if:
External Hull
Inspect for structural damage
Watertight integrity or
(above waterline)
operational capability is
External Hull
Crew inspect accessible hull
Under water hull is
(below the waterline)
areas from within the hull for
damaged/deteriorated to
flooding If crew inspection
extent that water tight in-
reveals hull damage/flooding,
tegrity is compromised.
divers will inspect underwater
hull to confirm damage.
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