Quantcast Figure 3-7. Engine mounted fuel strainers and fuel filters.

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TM 55-1905-217-
Figure 3-8. Adjusting alternator belts.
Figure 3-7. Engine mounted fuel strainers and fuel filters.
(6) Remove packing from the stuffing box.
(7) Remove coupling from propeller shaft.
(8) Remove propeller shaft.
(9) Install propeller shaft and strut bearing in reverse
order of removal. Replace strut bearing if worn. Install new
packing (7/16 tallowed flax). Connect negative lead at
Figure 3-9. Location of fuses.
b. Propeller Shaft Alignment.
not the 'same when the vessel is waterborne as when it -
is in drydock. The final alignment and bolting of the main
(1) Alignment of shaft and bearings is not permanently
propulsion shafting should always be done when the
fixed. The alignment changes with every docking due to
vessel is waterborne.
changes in the keel blocking, temperature variations, and
the direction of the sun's rays relative to the fore and aft line
(2) The primary purpose for providing correct alignment
of the vessel. The alignment of shafting and bearings is
is t) eliminate shaft excited vibrations and to prevent an
affected by the temporary removal of machinery attached to
excessive pressure on any localized portion of the
the shafting or in the vicinity of the shafting because of the
shafting bear
redistribution of weights and stresses. The alignment is


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