Quantcast Figure 4-4. Inboard view of port propulsion unit.

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TM 55-1905-217-12
Figure 4-4. Inboard view of port propulsion unit.
b. Engine Arrangement. Model 12005A is built for
d. Remove the injector from No. 1 cylinder and
starboard installation. The two engines of this model are
install an adapter and the pressure gage, J1319-03, in its
right-hand rotation engines, designated as RB and RD,
place as shown in figure 4-8.
e. Use one of the two fuel pipes as a jumper
and furnish clockwise propeller shaft rotation. Model
12006A is built for port installation. The two engines of
connection between the fuel inlet and return manifold to
this model are left-hand rotation engines, designated as
permit fuel to flow directly to the return manifold.
f.  Start the engine and run it at 600 rpm. Observe
LB and LD, and furnish counterclockwise propeller shaft
rotation (fig. 4-6). Figure 4-7 illustrates the crankshaft
and record the compression pressure indicated on the
rotation and accessory arrangement of the engines used
in each unit. These views also show the direction of
g. Perform the compression pressure check on
rotation of all gears in the train, as well as location of
each cylinder. The compression pressure in any one.
water-and exhaust-manifolds.
cylinder should not be less than 390 psi at 600 rpm when
engine is operated at sea level. In addition, the variation
in compression pressure between cylinders of the engine
4-20.  Engine Compression Test
a. Remove the valve rocker cover for the engine to
must not exceed 25 psi at 600 rpm.
h. Low compression pressure may result from any
be tested.
b. Start the engine and run it at approximately one-
one of several causes:
(1)  Piston rings may be stuck or broken.
half rated load until normal operating temperature is
(2)  Compression may be leaking past the
cylinder head gasket, the valve seats, the injector tubes,
c.  With the engine stopped, remove the fuel pipes
or through a hole in the piston.
from the injector and fuel connectors for the No. 1


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