Quantcast Figure 4-13. Fuel injector mounting.

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TM 55-1905-217-12
Figure 4-13. Fuel injector mounting.
(4)  Crank the engine to bring the outer ends of
(8)  Lift the injector from its seat in the cylinder
the push rods of the injector and valve rocker arms in line
head as shown in figure 4-14. Use special tool J1227-
(5)  Remove the two rocker shaft bracket bolts
(9)  Cover the injector hole in the cylinder ,head
and swing the rocker arms away from the injector and
to keep foreign material out.
c.  Cleaning.
(6)  Remove the injector clamp bolt, special
(1)  Clean the exterior of the injector with ,fuel
washer, and clamp.
oil and dry it with compressed air.
(7)  Loosen the inner and outer adjusting
(2)  Before installing an injector in an engine,
screws on the injector rack control lever and slide the
remove the carbon deposits from the bevelled seat of the
lever away from the injector.
injector tube in the cylinder head. This will assure correct
alignment of the


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