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TM 55-1905 217-12
16. Master lever
19. Throttle control to
21. Injector control tube
24. Governor throttle control
17. Throttle control lever
governor link
18. Throttle control support
20. Governor control link
22. Injector
(for "B" engine)
23. Injector rack control tube
pins in throttle control levers (24, fig. 4-27) at the
(3) Loosen lever (14) and lever (10) and
governor covers of both engines should be within 1/16-
disconnect rod (` 9) from lever (10). Adjust so that rod (9)
inch of the same distance from the end of the slot in cam.
forms and approximate 90 degree angle with both levers.
If the levers are not within this limit, the chances are that
Secure levers (14 and 10) to the shafts and place rod (,9)
the governor gaps or the injector rack adjustments are
into appropriate hole in lever (10) to maintain 90 degree
not identical on the two engines and should be
rechecked. The governor with the pin closest to the end
of the cam slot may have a "close" gap or the governor
Secure rod.
with the pin farthest from the end of the cam slot may
(4)  Adjust turnbuckles (2 and 11) so that the
have the injector racks too "tight". If adjustments are
pins in the governor throttle control levers (15, fig. 4-20)
necessary,  recheck  engine  speeds  after  making
contact the shoulders of the slot in the control cams (16)
in the idle position.
4-33. Propulsion Unit Controls (Hull Numbers 8540
(5)  Move propulsion unit control lever (17) to
thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618)
the full-open position. The pins in the governor throttle
control levers (15) should just contact the extreme end of
a. Throttle Control. Each propulsion unit consists of
the slot in each control cam (16). If the pins do not
two engines connected by the power transfer unit. The
contact the end of the slots, readjust the turnbuckles (2,
propulsion unit is controlled by a single throttle control
11). The linkage must be adjusted so that the governor
from the pilot house or from the engine room. Individual
throttle control lever pins on both governors reach the run
engines are controlled by individual throttle levers located
position of each cam at the same time.
on each propulsion unit. figure 2-8.1 illustrates the
locations of the controls on the port propulsion unit. The
(6)  Engage pilot house throttle control by
throttle adjustment is made after setting the valves (para
pulling out disconnect pin (16) and turning 90 degrees.
3-21), timing the injectors (para 4-28), adjusting the
governor (para 4-31), and adjusting the injector operating
(7)  Place pilot house throttle control (15, 16, fig. 2-3)
linkage (para 4-31). The propulsion unit throttle control is
an idle position. Adjust turnbuckles (6) to ensure
inter-locked with the reverse-gear control lever to prevent
engine room propulsion unit throttle control (17) is in
engagement or disengagement of the clutch until the
similar position.
throttle has been -placed in the idle speed position.
Adjust throttle linkage by the procedure listed below. Key
(8)  Check that pins in the governor throttle
numbers refer to figure 2-8.1 unless otherwise noted.
control levers (15) are contacting the shoulder of the cam
control slot in the idle position.
(1)  Disconnect pilot house throttle control by
pulling out the manual disconnect pin (16) and twisting 90
Do not force linkage or put any strain on throttle
linkage when making this adjustment.
(2)  With engines stopped, set throttle control
cross shaft (5) so that the individual engine throttle levers
(9)  If pins are not contacting the idle shoulder,
(8) are in a vertical position.
adjust turnbuckles (6) until proper relationship is
The propulsion throttle control lever (,17) must
(10) Move pilot house propulsion unit throttle
maintain an approximate 30 degrees above
control (15, 16, fig. 2-3) to full-pen position. Repeat step
horizontal position when in idle position.
(6) above.
(11) Start and warmup both engines to operating


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