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TM 55-1905-217-12
b. Raw (Sea) Water Cooling Systems. These
ation of the thermostat by placing in a container of hot
water with a thermometer. Replace a defective
systems provide cooling for the mufflers and priming for
the bilge pumps. See figures 1-17 or 4-36. Sea water
d. Installation.
intake is at the sea chest which is in the hull adjacent to
(1) Clean the seat for the thermostat.
the fresh water heat exchanger. There are separate
(2) Affix a new gasket to the thermostat
systems for each propulsion unit. Each system includes
two raw-water pumps which are mounted aft on the
(3) Install thermostat and housing in reverse
engines. Raw water is pumped through sea mufflers and
order of removal.
discharged with the exhaust. The raw water system also
provides cooling for the fuel oil heat exchangers installed
in hulls 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618. Sea water
Fresh Water Pump (fig. 4-39)
strainers (mounted in the engine room) are connected in
the intake lines between the sea chests and the pumps.
a. General. The fresh water pump circulates
coolant through the cylinder block, cylinder head, heat
4-42.  Heat Exchanger (Keel Cooler) Lines and
exchanger (keel cooler), oil coolers, and exhaust
manifold. The pump is mounted on the front end of the
blower and is driven by the lower blower rotor shaft. The
sealed type ball bearing is filled with lubricant at the time
Inspect heat exchanger lines and connections for
it is assembled to the pump shaft and no further
leakage. Some are in the engine room and others are in
lubrication is required.
bilge compartments forward from the engine room. See
b. Removal.
figures 1-16 or 4-35. Report defective hoses and clamps
(1) Drain cooling system.
to a higher authority.
(2) Remove the inlet elbow from the pump.
(3) Remove the bolts and lockwashers that
Engine Water Manifold (fig. 4-37)
attach the pump outlet flange to the cylinder block.
Remove the flange and packing ring.
a. Removal.
(4) Remove the three bolt and seal ssemblies
(1) Drain cooling system to a level below the
that attach the pump to the blower assembly. Tool
water manifold.
J2242 can be used to loosen the inner bolt.
(2) Loosen clamp and remove seal between
(5) Withdraw the pump and remove the
water manifold and thermostat housing.
(3) Remove water manifold stud nuts and
c. Fresh Water Pump Installation.
lockwashers and lift manifold off studs.
(1) Place the pump outlet flange over the
b. Installation. Remove all old gaskets and install
pump outlet with the flat side of the flange facing the
new gaskets. Install water manifold in reverse order of
pump body. Slip the packing ring over the pump outlet
and next to the flange.
(2) Using a new gasket at the bolting flange,
Thermostat and Housing (fig. 4-38)
place the pump against the blower end-plate cover so
that the lugs on the drive coupling mesh with the lugs on
a. General. A properly operating thermostat is
the intermediate shaft coupling. Secure the pump to the
essential for efficient operation of the engine. If the
blower with the three bolts and seal washers.
engine operating temperature deviates from the normal
range of 160 to 185, remove and check the thermostat.
(3) Slide the pump outlet packing ring and
packing flange against the cylinder block and secure the
b. Removal.
flange with two bolts and lockwashers.
(1) Drain cooling system to level below the
(4) Install the water pump inlet elbow.
thermostat housing.
(2) Loosen clamp and remove seal between
Raw (Sea) Water Pump
thermostat housing and water manifold.
(3) Remove four bolts and lockwashers and
a. General. Raw water pumps are mounted on the
remove the thermostat housing from the water tank.
flywheel housing of each engine and driven by a coupling
Remove thermostat.
from the end of the camshaft. See figure 4-40. The
c. Thermostat. Inspect the thermostat for rust and
impeller is self-lubricated by
corrosion. A defective thermostat will not maintain
correct engine temperature. Check oper-


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