Quantcast Figure 4-41.3. Alternator testing. (Sheet 3 of 8)

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TM 55-1905-217-12
Figure 4-41.3. Alternator testing. (Sheet 3 of 8)
Alternator illustrated in figure 4-43 is mounted on the
inboard engine of the starboard propulsion unit on hull
numbers 6500 thru 8519. Alternators on port propulsion
units end alternators on hull numbers 8620 thru 8560
and 8580 thru 8619 are mounted differently but removal
procedure are similar.
e. Cleaning. Clean all foreign matter (oil, grease,
dirt, etc.) from alternator and wiring.
f. Removing Brush and Holder Assembly.
(1) Remove alternator rear housing cover (fig.
(2) Remove screws or clips from terminals.
(3) Lift brush assembly up and away from the
slip rings.
g. Cleaning and Inspection of Brush Assembly.
(1) Clean brush assembly with an air hose.
(2) Check length of brushes; replace if they
extend -less than 1/4 inch beyond brush holder.
(3) Check wires and terminals for wear and
h. Installing Brush and Holder Assembly. Install
brush holder assembly in reverse order of removal.
Figure 4-41.4. Alternator testing. (Sheet 4 of 8)


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