Quantcast Hydraulic Starting Control Valve (Hull Numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618)

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TM 55-1905-217-12
(4) Connect battery ground lead.
4-66.  Hydraulic Starting Control Valve (Hull
(5) Pressurize and purge system and check
Numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618)
connections for leakage.
a. General. The control valve is an electrically
Relief Valve
actuated poppet-type valve used to port hydraulic
pressure to the hydraulic cranking motors. The valve,
a. General. Each engine hydraulic starting system
normally closed, is openel by solenoid action when the
pump has an inbuilt pressure limiting device. These are
engine start pushbutton is depressed. The control valve
backed up by a system relief valve which is set at 3,300
incorporates a manual override, which is open in normal
psi on hull numbers 8500 thru 8519 and 3,400 psi on hull
operation. In the event of electrical failure, the manual
numbers 8520 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618. The relief
override valve is closed and hydraulic pressure opens
valve is mounted adjacent to the starboard solenoid
the poppet valve, allowing fluid to operate the cranking
starting valve on hull numbers 8500 thru 8619. On hull
numbers 8520 thru 8539 the relief valve is located
b. Removal (fig. 2-11).
between the hydraulic system reservoir and the steering
(1) Remove battery ground lead.
system reservoir. On hull numbers 8540 thru 8560 and
(2) Disconnect and tag electrical leads at
8580 thru 8618, the system relief valve is located on the
control valve.
starboard side of the hydraulic starting system reservoir
(3) Relieve pressure in hydraulic starting
b. Removal.
(4) Disconnect and cap hydraulic lines at
(1) Close accumulator valves.
(2) Relieve pressure in hydraulic lines.
(5) Remove mounting bolts and remove
(3) Remove hydraulic lines from relief valve.
c. Disassembly and Repair. This is a permanently
(6) Tag wheel in pilot house indicating valve
assembled unit. The only parts serviced are the
adjusting screw, the adjusting screw packing, and the
c. Installation (fig. 2-11).
external preformed packing.
(1) With valve in place, install mounting bolts.
d. Installation. Install in reverse order of removal.
Torque to 30-39 foot pounds.
(2) Connect hydraulic lines.
(3) Connect electrical leads.
Emergency Clutch Engagement
a. The torqmatic marine reverse gear and the
a. If for any reason the clutches on the engines of a
flywheel assembly provide an emergency forward clutch
unit cannot be engaged hydraulically, the forward clutch
lock and positive clutch engagement or release by simply
plate may be engaged on the engines with three
moving the selector valve lever to the desired position for
emergency engagement bolts provided.
b. Refer to figure 456 for the location of the
forward, neutral, or reverse.
b. Each marine gear consists of a flywheel and
emergency engagement bolts. Lock the forward clutch
forward drive clutch assembly and a reverse drive clutch
plate in forward drive as follows:
assembly with a through drive shaft. Also, each has an
(1) Remove the electric starter in the forward
oil pump for supplying oil under pressure for operating
face of the flywheel housing.
the forward and reverse clutches, a control valve to
(2) With the engine throttle set in the STOP
admit oil to the clutches, an oil strainer, a full-flow oil
position, rotate the engine flywheel until one of the
filter, and an oil cooler.
emergency engagement bolts (48) is in line with {the
c. Power from the diesel engine is imparted to the
starter opening in the flywheel housing.
(3) Remove the emergency engagement bolt
through drive shaft by locking the forward or reverse
and jam nut from the flywheel through the starter
clutch plate between the hydraulically operated piston
and a drive plate.


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