Quantcast Ramp Locking Cylinder-(Hull Numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618 (fig. 4-81)

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TM 55-1905-217-12
(6)  Install access cover.
4-97.  Ramp Locking Cylinder-(Hull Numbers 8540
(7)  Purge system of air and check for leaks.
thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618 (fig. 4-81)
4-98.  Ramp Selector Valve (Hull Numbers 8540
a. General. The ramp locking cylinders (one at
thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618 (fig. 2-26.2)
each side of the forward cargo well) provide a means of
a. General. In the normal position the upper shut
locking the ramp in an up position. The cylinders have
off valve is open and the lower shut off and liquid pump
an internal spring which returns the mechanism to a
bypass valves are closed. In these positions pressure
locked position upon removal of hydraulic pressure. The
from the ramp system engine driver pumps is directed to
cylinders normally move to the unlocked position by
the ramp locking cylinders. In the emergency position
means of hydraulic pressure from the engine driven
the upper shut off valve is closed, the lower shut off
ramp hydraulic pumps or in emergency from the winch
valve is open and the hand pump bypass valve is closed.
,brake release hand pump, located on the starboard side
In these positions pressure from the hand pump is
of the forward cargo hull.
b. Removal. Remove either cylinder by the
directed to the locking cylinders control ramp lowering by
opening and closing the hand pump bypass valve.
following procedures
b. Removal. Remove the valve by the following
(1)  Relieve pressure in the ramp hydraulic
system. As certain that ramp load binders are in place.
(1)  Ascertain that ramp load binders are in
(2)  Place ramp hoist control valve lever in
neutral position.
(2)  Relieve pressure in the ramp hydraulic
(3)  Remove access cover on applicable side of
cargo hull.
(3)  Place ramp control valve in neutral position.
(4)  Disconnect hydraulic lines at cylinder cap
(4)  Disconnect and cap hydraulic lines.
(5)  Remove mounting bolts and valve.
(5)  Remove clevis between cylinder shaft and
(6)  Tag ramp control valve lever to indicate
mechanical lock.
removal of valve.
(6)  Remove cylinder mounting bolts and
c.  Installation. Install the valve in revere order of
remove cylinder.
(7)  Tag ramp control lever to indicate removal
removal. Bleed the air from the system.
of cylinder.
c.  Installation. Install either cylinder by the
4-99.  Winch Automatic Reversing Mechanism (Hull
following procedures:
Numbers 8540 thru 8560 and 8580 thru 8618 (fig. 4-82)
(1)  Ascertain that ramp load binders are in
The above hull numbers incorporate an automatic winch
(2)  Relieve pressure in ramp hydraulic system
reversing mechanism. The mechanism, attached to the
and place ramp control valve in neutral position.
ramp winch, prevents cable overrun and coiling when the
(3)  With cylinder in place, install mounting
ramp lowering cycle is completed or interrupted. When
bolts. Torque to 71-75 foot pounds.
the cable goes slack, the direction of rotation is
(4)  Connect hydraulic line to cylinder.
automatically reversed.
(5)  Connect cylinder shaft to mechanical lock
with clevis pin.
Change 1 4-79


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