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TM 55-1905-217-12
d. Use of symbols. The following symbols shall be
ing those characteristics with prescribed standards.
l.  Symbols. The uppercase letter placed in the
used to prescribe work function responsibility:
appropriate column indicates the lowest level at which
C - Operator/Crew
that particular maintenance function is to be performed.
O - Organization
F - Direct Support
H - General Support
Explanation of Format
D - Depot
Purpose and use of the format are as follows:
e. Work Measurement Time. The active repair time
a. Column (1), Group Number. Column 1 lists
required to perform the maintenance function is included
group numbers, the purpose of which is to match
directly below the symbol identifying the level of
components, assemblies, subassemblies, and modules
maintenance. Active repair time is the average
with the next higher assembly.
aggregate time required to restore an item
b. Column (2), Functional Group. Column 2 lists
(subassembly, assembly, component, module, end item
the next higher assembly group and the item names of
or system) to a serviceable condition under typical field
components, assemblies, subassemblies and modules
operating conditions. This time includes preparation
within the group for which maintenance is authorized.
time, fault isolation/diagnostic time, and QA/QC time in
c. Column (3), Maintenance Function. Column 3 lists
addition to the time required to perform specific
the maintenance functions defined in C-2 above. Each
maintenance functions identified for the tasks authorized
maintenance function required for an item shall be
in the maintenance allocation chart. This time is
specified by the symbol among those listed in d below
expressed in man-hours and carried to one decimal
which indicates the level responsible for the required
place (tenths of hours).
maintenance. Under this symbol there shall be listed an
f.  Column 4, Tools and Equipment. This column
appropriate work measurement time value determined
shall be used to specify, by code, those tools and test
as indicated in e below.
equipment required to perform the designated function.
g. Column 5, Remarks. Self-explanatory.


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