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TM 55-1905-217-20P
Operator and Organizational
Maintenance Manual
(1) Items authorized for use as required
g.  The illustrations in this manual are identical
but not for initial stockage are identified with an asterisk
in the allowance column.
to the applicable illustrations published in the -34P,
(2) The allowance columns are divided
Direct and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts
into four subcolumns. Indicated in each subcolumn is
and Special Tools List manual (including Depot
the total quantity of special tools authorized for the
maintenance repair parts and special tools, and the
number of equipments supported. (Not applicable).
figure numbers are the same as appear in that manual.
g.  Illustration.  This column is divided as
The  -34P  illustrations  are  given  for  a  better
understanding of the parts relationship, however, only
(1) Figure number.  Indicates the figure
those parts as- signed maintenance code "O" are listed
number of the illustration in which the item is shown.
in the tabular list.
Only illustrations containing
(2) Item number.  Indicates the callout
organizational authorized items appear in this manual.
How to Locate Repair Parts
number used to reference the item on the illustration.
Special Information
a.  When Federal Stock Number or Reference
a.  Usable on codes are included in Column 3.
Number is unknown:
Uncoded items are applicable to all models and/or serial
(1) Using the table of contents deter mine
number range.  Identification of the usable on codes
the assembly group within which the repair part belongs.
used in this publication are:
This is necessary since illustrations are prepared for
assembly groups, and listings are divided into the same
Used On
(2) Find  the  illustration  covering  the
Marinette Marine Corp LCM 8500 Thru LCM
assembly group to which the repair part belongs.
(3) Identify  the  repair  part  on  the
Gunderson Bros Engineering Corp LCM 8520
illustration and note the illustration figure and item
thru 8539
number of the repair part. (4) Using the repair parts
Rohr Corp LCM 8540 thru 8619
b.  The basis of issue for authorized special
listing, find the assembly group to which the repair part
belongs and locate the illustration figure and item
tools, test and support equipment is the number of end
number noted on the illustration.
items of equipment supported and the number of
b.  When the Federal Stock Number or
maintenance  personnel  allocated  to  perform  the
Reference Number is known:
required maintenance operations.
c.  Parts  which  require  manufacture  or
(1) Using the Index of Federal Stock
Number and Reference Numbers find the pertinent
assembly at a level higher than that authorized for
Federal Stock Number or reference number. This index
installation will indicate in the source column the higher
is in ascending FSN sequence followed by a list of
d.  Repair parts kits and gasket sets appear as
reference  numbers  in  ascending  alpha-numeric
sequence, cross-referenced to the illustration figure
the last entries in the repair parts listing for the group or
number and item number.
assembly to which they apply.
e.  Action change codes indicated in the left
(2) Using the Repair Parts Listing, find the
assembly group of the repair part and the illustration
hand margin of the listing page denote the following:
figure number and item number referenced in the index
N - Indicates an added item.
of Federal Stock Numbers and Reference Numbers.
C - Indicates a change in data.
R - Indicates a change in FSN only.
The following publications pertain to the
landing craft and its components.


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