Quantcast SECTION III. BASIC ISSUE ITEMS LIST (CONTINUED) - TM-55-1905-219-14-120176

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TM 55-1905-219-14-12
TM 11-6125-252-15
(Jul 71) Operator's, Organizational, DS, GS, and Depot Maintenance
Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists: Motor-
Generator PU-724/G
TM 55-501
Sep 72) Marine Crewman's Handbook. Change 1.
TM 55-503
(Jul 66) Marine Salvage and Hull Repair. Change 1.
TM 55-509
(Mar 71) Marine Engineman's Handbook.
TM 746-186
(May 76) Procedures for Rapid Deployment, Redeployment and
Retrograde for Floating Equipment.
TB 55-1900-20TB
(Apr 77) Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers Approved for Army Users.
TB 55-1900-202-12/1
(Oct 64) U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Center Floating Craft:
Preventive Maintenance.
TB 55-1900-204-24
(Apr 74) ARC Welding on Water Borne Vessels.
TB 55-1900-205-24
(Jan 77) Watercraft Information and Reporting System (WIRS) Data
Collection for Configuration Control.
TB 55-1900-206-14
(Jan 75) Control and Abatement of Pollution by Army Watercraft.
TB 55-1900-207-24
(Jul 74) Treatment of Cooling Water in Marine Diesel Engines.
(Dec 75) In-Service Testing of Engine Lubricating Oil.
TB 43-0144
(Jun 74) Painting of Vessels.
LO 55-1905-219-12
Landing Craft, Utility, Boston Marine Corporation. Hull Numbers
1667-1670 (NSN 1905-00-168-5764).
Change 5 C-119


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