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TM 55-1905-220-14-2
The lube oil storage tank capacity is 198.6 gallons (751.7 liters).
(d) Fill the lube oil storage tank.
(e) Remove hose and drop pipe.
(f ) Close deck access.
(g) Wipe up any spilled oil.
Dispose of oil soaked rags in flammable waste cans.
Forward Engine Room, Aft Engine Room, or Anchor Winch Compartment.
(a) Use a manual pump to remove oil from the dipstick pipe on the engine.
(b) Discharge oil into a suitable container.
(c) Use the oil/water separator to remove oil (para 2-99).
(d) Connect service hose to supply valve.
(e) Remove engine oil fill cap.
(f ) Place service hose in engine oil fill.
Forward Engine Room.
(a) Open suction valve (4).
(b) Rotate lube oil transfer pump (5) lever clockwise.
(c)Transfer the required amount of oil to the engine.
(d) Use the dipstick to check oil level.


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