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TM 55-1905-220-14-2
Flammable Liquids Storeroom.
(a)  Heat sensor senses fire and triggers Halon system, in the same fashion as
described above, for the forward and aft engine rooms.
(b) Halon will be discharged at nozzle.
(c)  This Halon system is independent of the one in the engine rooms. There are no
switchboxes, lights, horns, or pressure accumulators associated with this system.
f. Manual Mode -
In case of a fire in the forward or. aft engine room or the flammable
liquids storeroom, and the automatic mode of extinguishing is not a
practical solution, proceed as follows to put out the fire.
(1) Forward or aft engine room:
Go to the pneumatic control head (1) located on top of cylinder and cylinder valve.
(b)  Remove locking pin (2) and operate local manual release lever (3). This will cause
the Halon system to discharge as described above for the automatic system.
The amber light(s) will flash and the horn(s) will sound in the engine room(s).
Light (4) will light up on the fire alarm panel.
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