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TM 55-1905-220-14-2
(a) Unscrew pipe connection (2) from discharge outlet of cylinder valve.
(b) Attach anti-recoil plug (6) to discharge outlet.
Unscrew swivel nut (5) from cylinder valve (4).
(d) Attach protective cap (7) to top of cylinder valve (4).
(e) Remove cylinder strap holding cylinder in place.
Remove empty cylinder and cylinder valve as a unit.
(g) Replace empty cylinder with recharged or new Halon 1301 cylinder and cylinder valve.
(h) Replace cylinder strap holding cylinder in place.
Remove anti-recoil plug (6) from the cylinder valve and attach Halon discharge pipe (2) to the discharge
Reset indicator switch (3) on pneumatic control head to SET, before attaching to cylinder valve.
Swivel nut (5) has play, and care must be used not to let edge of swivel nut
drop into opening of cylinder valve.
Remove protective cap (7) and attach pneumatic control head to cylinder valve (4) by tightening swivel
nut (5).
Procedure for reactivating Halon system in the flammable liquids storeroom.
(1) To separate pneumatic control head and plain nut discharge head from cylinder valve.
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