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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
c. General Information - DETROIT DIESEL V-71
(1) General Procedures.
(a) In many cases, the maintenance man is justified in replacing parts with new material rather than
attempting repair. However, there are times where a slight amount of reworking or reconditioning
may save time. Crankshafts, cylinder liners and other parts are in this category. For example, if a
cylinder liner is only slightly worn and within usable limits, a honing operation to remove the glaze
may make it suitable for reuse. Exchange assemblies such as injectors, fuel pumps, water pumps
and blowers are also desirable service items.
(b) Various factors such as the type of operation of the engine, hours in service and next overhaul
period must be considered when determining whether new parts are installed or used parts are
reconditioned to provide trouble-free operation.
(c) For convenience and logical order in disassembly and assembly, the various sub-assemblies and
other related parts mounted on the cylinder block will be treated as separate items in the various
(2) Disassembly.
(a) Before any major disassembly, the engine must be drained of lubricating oil, water and fuel. On
engines cooled by a heat exchanger, the fresh water system must be drained. Lubricating oil should
also be drained from the marine gear.
Do not drain oil into bilges. Use the oil separation system to collect drained oil.
(b) Parts removed from an individual engine should be kept together so they will be available for
inspection and assembly. Those items having machined faces, which might be easily damaged by
steel should be stored on suitable wooden racks or blocks.
(3) Cleaning.
Before removing any of the sub-assemblies from the engine (but after removal of the electrical
equipment), the exterior of the engine should be thoroughly cleaned.  Then, after each subassembly is
removed and disassembled, the individual parts should be cleaned.  Thorough cleaning of each part is
absolutely necessary before it can be satisfactorily inspected.


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