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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
Exercise caution against burns when using oxalic acid to clean the cooling passages of the engine.
6. Avoid excessive injection of ether into the engine during start attempts. Follow the instructions on the
container of the starting aid.
7. When working on an engine that is running, accidental contact with the hot exhaust manifold can
cause severe burns. Remain alert to the location of the rotating pulleys and belts.
8. Engine Specifications.
(Less Major Assemblies)
Specifications, clearances and wear limits are listed below.  It should be specifically noted that the
clearances apply only when all new parts are used at the point where the various specifications apply. This
also applies to references within the text of the manual. The column entitled "Limits" in this chart lists the
amount of wear or increase in clearance which can be tolerated in used engine parts and still ensure
satisfactory performance. It should be emphasized that the figures given as "Limits" must be qualified by the
judgment of the personnel responsible for installing new parts. These wear limits are, in general, listed only for
the parts more frequently replaced in engine overhaul work. For additional information, refer to the text.


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