Quantcast Oil Flow-Forward - TM-55-1905-220-14-40053

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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
Oil Flow-Forward. The port in passage D is aligned with a drilled hole and channel X in the
manifold. Therefore, high pressure oil is supplied to channel X when a shift to forward is made. This oil flows
through channel X to the area at the clutch end of the forward clutch shaft. The 185-215 psi (1276-1482 kpa)
oil then passes through the center-drilled and crossed-drilled hole in the clutch shaft to the area between the
clutch piston and the clutch cylinder through an angular hole in the cylinder. This moves the piston forward to
compress and engage the clutch plate stack. The area between the reverse clutch piston and reverse clutch
cylinder remains at atmospheric pressure as described in Neutral.


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